Integrators integrate your information in your Pod. They import data from external services (Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.), enrich data with indexers (face recognition, spam detection, etc.), and execute actions (sending messages, uploading files, etc.).


Integrators for Memri have a single repository per language, this repository is the one for Node.js, but others exist for Python and Rust.

Using Docker

Integrators are invoked by the Pod by launching a Docker container. To build the images for these containers, run:

docker build -t memri-nodeintegrators .

Local build


To install the Python package:

npm install


To run tests:

npm run jest


The overall documentation of Memri
The documentation of nodeIntegrators

Render documentation locally

In the near future, new documentation will be deployed automatically when a new version is released to the prod branch using GitLab pages. To inspect the documentation beforehand, you can generate it by running:

npm run generate-docs